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Satin Gift-Wrap Ribbon

As one of the very best online wholesale ribbon suppliers, Innovative Packaging Group stocks loads of wholesale satin ribbon in a wide palette of nearly three dozen different colors. Our bulk satin ribbon comes in Dyna Satin, which is a florist-type ribbon that's very soft to the touch and perfect for tying bows. It's also the ideal ribbon for customizing with your logo or other business information. It comes in rolls of (#5) 7/8x100 or (#9) 1-3/8x100.

Another gift-wrap option is our double-face satin ribbon. Double-faced, unlike standard satin ribbon that is shiny on one side and dull on the other side, is shiny on both sides. It's extremely luxurious and works especially well where both sides of the ribbon will be visible in your application. It comes in 5/8x100 rolls, 7/8x100 rolls and 1-1/2x100 rolls. It's available in your choice of 36 colors, and quantity discounts are available. This is also a perfect ribbon for printing or hot stamping with your personalized finishing touch.