Customized Bags & Boxes

Customized Bags & Boxes

Welcome to Innovative Packaging Group’s online store. We're glad you're here! We've created a place where you have access to a wide range of retail packaging supplies, wholesale packaging supplies, personalized custom packaging and more. Using the subcategory links located on this page, you'll find it quick and easy to locate what you need. Select from gift packing material including beautiful gift wrap, tissue and ribbons, and other gift packaging supplies, including numerous kinds of boxes.

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We're commercial packaging suppliers with more than three decades of experience, specializing in wholesale gift packaging for retail stores. Promote and elevate your brand by letting us create custom packaging for your retail clothing store, grocery store, bakery, boutique jewelry store or any other type of specialty outlet you have. Bags and boxes offered in coordinated sets make a great impression, and speaking of boxes, we even offer paper or poly boxes for your restaurant food delivery and take out!

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Proudly based in Dallas, Texas, Innovative Packaging Group's goal is to support local small business with professional packaging usually associated with larger nationwide brands. We understand the importance of maximizing each touch point with a customer and we do our best to provide our customers with solutions that deliver on quality and affordability. We also work with household names and pass price discounts to you on large wholesale orders. If you're in search for an innovative and dependable team, you have come to the right place.

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